Marina's Piano Studio was established in New York City in 1994. The studio has a beautiful
grand piano, a digital concert piano, and an extensive music library of over 2,500 music scores
and books, all available to enhance our students' experiences and lessons.

GOAL is to teach MUSIC, not simply the instrument, but to awake passion, and open
new horizons in one's imagination - all without the pressure of competitive anxiety. I share the
goal of bringing joy into each and every lesson. I believe that music education is a noble
subject that develops both skill and character through self-discipline and working artistically
with others. Children enjoy studying piano for the pleasure it provides, while adults who work
under stress seek music study as a way to find repose and artistic satisfaction. Music
education should be for everyone, not only for those who excel. Many students truly enjoy
music,and show progress at individual rates
METHODOLOGY depends on your individuality. The approach to each student is
unique, as student's interests are always taken into consideration. I combine solid academic
basics with exciting games, improvisations, and compositions. The lessons are held in a quiet,
professionally soundproofed, perfectly accommodated studio, which helps students to
concentrate and focus on the lessons and assignments.

MARINA  PORCHKHIDZE. As the owner and artistic director of Marina's Piano Studio, Marina
is a piano teacher, member of
Music Teacher National Association, member of Broadcasting
Music Incorporated(BMI),
a Steinway Educational Partner, Methodologist, composer of a
Piano Album called "Little Pieces for Little Pianists", music editor, concert pianist, recording
artist. Marina was the recipient of "Melodiya", from a leading Russian recording company, and
recipient of "Creative Youth", an award for the best performance in Russia.
Marina studied at Petrozavodsk Branch of Leningrad State Conservatory, now known as
Sanct-Petersburg, Russia, where she majored in Piano Performance and Pedagogy, in
addition to studying privately with world-famous piano teachers and concert pianists - Nathan
Perelman and Oleg Malov in Leningrad.

PIANO DUET M. PORCHKHIDZE & V. SHINOV have performed around the world, recorded
seven compact discs, played annual piano duet recitals at Carnegie Hall since 2004. You may
listen to their compositions, purchase their CDs on their Piano Duet Website -


Among my students, I have children who are very special students here, pianists, from different
music schools and colleges, who are studying here to refine their skills and find out something
new, violinists, singers, dancers, adults-amateurs.    


"Marina's patience and understanding has allowed me to improve a great deal. Piano has given
me another way of expressing myself and increasing my artistic ability. Marina and Vladimir are
an inspiration."
- Jamie Jankauskas, 20 years old

"Their teaching covers the best music ever written. I've learned many different things. Not only
classical and romantic music, which I like the most, but also how to compose and play my
favorite songs by ear with an accompaniment". - Daniel Rabev, 15 years old

"I began studying piano with the hope of gaining a musical background for my study of classical
dance, but piano has become much more for me with the help of Marina & Vladimir. It's now an
important part of my life and brings me great joy.."  - Laura John, 13 years old

"Studying with Marina & Vladimir is an intense musical experience, with a variety of approaches
in technique and musicianship. I have learned more than I initially thought possible".  - Michael
Gould-Wartofsky, 14 years old

"Marina & Vladimir always made me feel that i had a soul full of music..."  - Jane Miller-Gifford,
52 years old

"Thank you for all the beautiful music you have brought to my life.." - Joanne Howell, 68 years

"Thank you for passion and inspiration.." - Gisselle Vazques, 13 years old

"Throughout the nine years I have studied with Marina, I have learned many difficult and
complex pieces.  I play solo and duet pieces with both Marina and her other students. Without
Marina's help, I doubt I could prevail against the hardships of learning how to play piano. With
Marina's encouragement and enthusiasm, I was able to learn complicated pieces that
otherwise would be out of my grasp. Thank you Marina for making me the musician I am now!"
- Francesco Magisano, 14 years old

"I've been going to Marina's Piano studio and studied with Marina for 2 years. I love to play the
piano... Now I am good at it! I especially like to improvise and compose pieces of music!" -
Adrian Korogodsky, 10 years old

"I like making music with Marina very much! It is a lot of fun!" - Renata Korogodsky, 6 years old

"Marina has inspired me to become really creative, not only while I am playing the piano, but in
other subjects too. That's why whenever I play the piano or improvise a tune, Marina makes
the lesson really fun by getting me to think of dancing squirrels & dolphins, etc. I learned that
you could play the piano well by enjoying it!"
- Kayte Takahashi, 11 years old

"Under Marina's expertise teaching skills, my piano ability has far exceeded what I imagined it
could. I knew I would love studying piano with her, because she is a sensitive teacher who
always inspires you while reinforcing great piano technique, musicality, and artistry. I do not
feel like I am learning when playing with Marina. It's like taking lessons from a good friend who
happens to be a master teacher. I am very much looking forward to watching my piano skills
grow under her exceptional teaching, caring and watchful eye." - Dimitria Fay

After completing my education at the Petrozavodsk Branch of Leningrad State Conservatory, I
was appointed to the piano faculty of the Petrozavodsk College of Arts in Karelia, Russia,
where, with Vladimir Shinov, we produced a number of students who have gone on to
professional careers. We also dedicated more than 10 years to working with children in
Karelia, Russia, where we founded the private music school
Tonika, training over 100
students. It was very exciting experience in our teaching life. Here, students, under our
supervision, wrote & performed mini-operas, while learning piano theory, sight-singing, music
literature, composition, and music theater. Russian TV dedicated 4 films to  the
Tonika School
& Theater. We then brought our new way of teaching to New York in 1993.

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